Video Production

Here is a small selection of examples of my work in video production.

I am proficient in Adobe Premiere and have used Final Cut Pro as well as Sony Vegas.

Newbie's Guide to Fandom

This video was created for an undergraduate producing/directing seminar. I was require to write a script, hold a casting session, scout a location/source props/etc., work with a classmate as a crew member while directing, and shoot/edit the video. Edited in Adobe Premiere.

So I Dated A Serial Killer

For an undergraduate video production class, I filmed a friend of mine performing a monologue from Sixty Years to Life by Nick Zagone. I used in-software sound effects and music by The Swell Season and Patsy Cline. Edited in Final Cut Pro 7.

We Didn't Start the Fire

This was also created for my undergraduate video production class. I wanted to exercise both my video editing and my historical/archival research skills. A friend of mine played the "teacher" for the framing device. Photos were sourced across the internet while most video was found through Edited  in Final Cut Pro 7.

Fanvid: Mock Credits

This is a mock credits sequence I created for an imagined Doctor Who spinoff, exploring what it might look like if we got to see what happened after these characters left the show. It features clips from Doctor Who, Blackpool, and Secret Diary of a Call Girl. The music is "A Place in Time" by Amanda Abizaid. Edited in Sony Vegas.